Our Association

With us, aquaponic will be easy

Our company was established because we saw the need to educate the general public in aquaponic. Since our team is the largest expert in this field, we believe that we will benefit everyone who is interested in this kind of organic farming.
What do we want to offer the public? You can visit one of the farms we have built in Europe or in China. In Sia-men, China, it is the largest aquaponics farm in the world. Each year we produce up to 600 tonnes of Chinese sturgeon and about 80 million vegetables and herbs a year.
You may not become experts immediately after visiting our farms, but you will learn how to start, what to watch out for, how to respond to problems that have occurred, etc.
As one of the few aquaponics farms in the world, our company not only builds but also does research in this area and we work with experts around the world.
We develop our own nitrifiing bacteria, make our own feeding specifically for aquaponic, and come up with ways to improve aquaponic.
Working with our Chinese partners, who are the largest experts in the aquarium industry, we can help with many of the problems you may encounter.
We are also working with the Chinese government, which is very supportive of this project in China. Anyone who understands the need to feed a large number of people with the least impact on nature will sooner or later encounter aquaponic. Thanks to aquaponic, no nitrogenous substances or agrochemicals are released into the countryside.
On aquaponics farms it does not use any artificial fertilizers or chemicals

Bohuslav Skoda

Aquaponic specialist

We want to make aquaponic accessible to all interested parties. We are building aquaponic around the world and we have the biggest experts in this field in the team. We are written by people from all over the world who want to learn aquaponics. This association is just for those who want to learn aquaponics and want to learn it well.


Tomas Uher

Fish specialist

I've been working with fish for 20 years. I thought nothing could surprise me. But aquapony is something great. I believe that aquaponics will be the only way to feed people around the world in the future. Huge amount of fish in a small space and a lot of vegetables. Perfect!!!